The Nervey of Internet

IoT Cloud solution

Providing systematic IoT (Internet of Things) cloud solutions with enhaunced years of industrial experience.


Search engine

Nervey is dedicated to data analysis and algorithm optimisition. We build search engine balancing enormous load.


Dream big

Enterprise coorperation with business partners for the next big. Imagination is never limitition.


Nervey everything

If you want something alive, just nervey it.

Email, social media, phone, servers, embedded devices and etc.
Connect them to Nervey Cloud anytime.

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Nervey Technologies LLC
Floor B, Tianxia International Center
Nanshan District, SZ 518000
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[email protected]


Internet optimization

Optimizing internet connection, enhancing internet experience.


Securing accounts and providing confidential identities.

Internet collection

Collecting traces of things on internet including human, devices, and even aliens :P